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What are differences between Semi Metallic Brake Pads and Sintered Brake Pads?

2020-01-12 | Categories: How To Buy | Tags: Brake, Pads

To have a high quality brake pads on your Motorcycle/ATV bike is one of the key components that allows you to go as fast as you can on the trail. Without a strong set of brakes to slow you down is much more dangerous. Brake pads as one of the wear item should be changed frequently when worn down. Many beginners maybe confused about how to choose right brake pads for bikes, because there are several materials brake pads such as Organic brake pads, Ceramic brake pads, sintered brake pads. What kind of Brake Pads is best for your Motorcycle or ATV? In this article, HexMotorParts glad to introduce the difference between Motorcycle Semi Metallic Brake Pads and Sintered brake pads.


Motorcycle Sintered Brake Pads

Sintered brake pads, also referred to as metal sintered or metallic brake pads, are made from metallic particles that are fused together at a high temperature and pressure. Now, Sintered brake pads become the most popular type of brake pads for most of OEM Motorcycles and ATV. Sintered brake pads would be an excellent choice if you regularly experience varying riding conditions. They can perform well in just about any weather condition, including rain, snow and mud, because of their porous nature.


Sintered Brake Pads following features:



    the mixture of elements gives it a lot of friction

    functions well under high temperatures

    performs well in various weather conditions

    it is long-lasting

    withstands high speeds

    takes long to start operating smoothly




    make a lot of noise

    they don’t glaze

    wear down the rotors

    can be expensive due to the manufacturing process and materials.


Motorcycle Semi Metallic Brake Pads


Organic brakes pads, also referred to or semi metallic brake pads, are made from a mixture of fibers held together with a resin. Some of the materials used in organic brake pads can vary from kevlar, carbon, and rubber among other things depending on the application. For the casual rider, organic brake pads are a solid choice.


Semi Metallic Brake Pads following features:


    they tolerate high temperatures

    have high friction levels and great grip

    good durability

    different brands use different metal mixtures and ratios

    don’t make as much noise as the sintered pads

    don’t cause the same level of rotor wear and tear as the sintered pads

    work well in light or heavy-duty usage.

    they need a bedding-in period

    are great for everyday use in different environments.




    tend to glaze due to producing brake dust.

    Usually a bit more expensive.


So which brake pad is the best choice for you when deciding between Semi Metallic Brake pads vs Sintered Brake Pads? It’s depends on the performance you want, the vehicle combined with personal driving style you prefer, the environment you are in, and your budget. No matter what kind of motorcycle brake pads you want, HexMotorParts can meet your requirement. Variety Brake Pads hot on sale now!